Princess Trista and the rest of the Trifecta Ninjar Council make themselves on The Shonen Punk’s Ship the godhaus, and meet the rest of the crew. Things are starting to feel like the good old days… but WHAT good old days?!!!

892 Keep Em’ Busy

892 Keep Em’ Busy published on 2 Comments on 892 Keep Em’ Busy

haha, hilarious!   how about that wordplay in today’s comic’s title? smooth I know! those of you that don’t remember Emily she was last employed by one of Chiitsu Ravenwulf’s fathers Chiitsu Pinkada(troubleverse version) to help him get onboard the remix undetected(issue 33) you know… I never noticed how many ninjas we have here on Shonen punk till just… Continue reading 892 Keep Em’ Busy

895 guess what?

895 guess what? published on No Comments on 895 guess what?

sorry about missing last week , i was in a weird place mentally. but at least it gave me some time to figure out where i want to take Shonen Punk with this current volume. and i i also took the time to figure out what will be the same and what will be amalgamated… Continue reading 895 guess what?