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Titan Graeves witnessed the death of his parents when popular superhero Captain Awesome fell on them and crushed them to death. Without so much as an apology, Captain Awesome took to the skies skirting any responsibility for his actions. Needless to say, Titan has very good reasons to hate superhumans. One year later Titan loses all his possession when the bank forecloses on his parents home. With nowhere to go, he turns to his outcasted grandmother for a place to stay. little does he know his grandmother is renowned super villain Granny Gravez. she gives him the key to her home turned inn (called the neon halo – super housing complex). the worst is still to come. the Neon Halo is a housing complex for (hark!) Super Villains!!! What will titan do? how will he cope?! will he be able to keep at bay his intense hatred for all superhumans?! read on and find out suckers!