With Groperion’s absence, Vodka attempts to recreate her own Overloader – one powered by Drunkness! but when it comes into the hands of an unknown girl will it be for better or for worse?!

57 OMG Becky…

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well, well, well the holidays are here! no promises i’ll have any more pages this week or next but i will try! send me cheers of enthusiasm! it just might help me bust out a few extra pages!!! happy holidays, gropecadets!

59 Henshin Time!

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i tried really hard to get this done before x-mas ended… sorry chaps! anywho! have some Extra Pages!!!! heck ya!!! i’m pumped this is the first time weve seen an overloader activate for the um… FIRST TIME lol let alone a broken one heck look at that bashing that device took even the henshin coin… Continue reading 59 Henshin Time!