Emma, Amy & Mio (or as it is also known by; Geekiness is flippin’ awesome!) is a comic written and drawn by Andeh Pinkard, generally based on ideas that have popped in his head while playing games, watching anime, reading comics or watching movies. It is one of many projects he currently works on, so consistent updates are not guaranteed at this time. There is no real plot to EA&M, just the pure crazy misadventures, and hijinx of Three very “unique” girls that are obsessed with all things geeky. Enjoy the randomaucity(audaciously random) and the thrill ride that is this comic!

0002 shipping and handling

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everyone gives in to fan fic eventually…. i think my first was a knives chau x Kim Pines fan fic haha man it was hawt. also we now have all the girls introduced, more or less haha.

0007 halloween is coming!

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heyyy! dont get your panties wet dudes! lol im shopping around for a co-writer for this. cuz im not THAT good with these kinda comics haha but hang in there! anyways halloween. its upon us and well I figured our little sleeper-nerd would totally be one of those halloween IS xmas types LOL