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Happy new year’s guys and gals!

Happy new year’s guys and gals! published on No Comments on Happy new year’s guys and gals!

so its now 2017!!!  wow amazeballs right?  well let’s see how we’re kicking off the new year.

The goddamn Panty Brigade vol.0 – vol. 1 chapter 1 are online.

Shonen Punk Vol. 1-vol.4 are online

Groperion #1-3 are online.

mega maiden #1-2 are online!

CatloverDk!, Disgons, Echo Overdrive are also online

so that should give you something to read in any down time you have!

hope you had a nice fun and safe new year’s!


♥ Andeh.

Teabeer Comics: a soft release

Teabeer Comics: a soft release published on No Comments on Teabeer Comics: a soft release

well, well, Welcome to the New Teabeer Comics! back around 2006 i launched Teabeer Studios for my comic fonts and logo design(which i now do as Pressgang Studios) and my creator owned comics. over the years my comics label has gone through a few different names nekketsu!! comics, which became fighting spirit comics, then GeekRiot comics and lastly EcchiMagic press. after much deliberation and in honour of it’s 10 year anniversary i have decided to bring back the name that started it all with a slight branding change as Teabeer Studios is brought back as Teabeer Comics.

So, while the archive of comics is not fully up yet in it’s entirety there’s more than enough to keep you entertained while i continue to update the backlog of comic serieses and pages. and with that i’d like to welcome you to the new face of Teabeer Comics, please take your time and enjoy the comics, and feel free to comment or ask questions, I will always do my best to answer any and all comments and stuff. so well, that’s that and welcome to the craziest comic multiverse you’re bound to see for a long time hahah  enjoy the co!mics

-Teh Andeh

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