Teh Andeh Has been drawing webcomics in his time(endstrike, shameless,ploth4x, rogue saga, mega maiden, the goddamn panty brigade.+more) for nearly two decades! here he is just alittle over 12 years, 7 volumes and a comics multiverse later, and he still finds himself writing and drawing for his first original webcomic Shonen Punk! He also does comic fonts and logos as press gang studios. and produces Synthwave/cyberpunk music as Ghostdrive in his free time.

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the Nucleus of the Teabeer Comics Multiverse. Starting with the Original Shonen Punk timeline(which is the same world and timeline that The Goddamn Panty Brigade inhabit) and encompasses all it’s spin-offs and splinter universes like mega maiden, and others. these are our core titles, our main chick(comic lol)

Shonen Punk!

our all-ages/kids imprint

catrageous adventurerz

Teabeer comics’ Superhero line of comics. named after it’s flag title Mega Maiden.

mega maiden

intro comics. some short some long but none never staying longer than the hype needs it so!

the imagine queens
echo overdrive

the imprint for the creator-owned comics created by Andeh Pinkard and Trista Crews.

OH! Editor-chan
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